CNC cutting

TechgrafQ is an experienced and professional company offering a wide range of services in the field of CNC cutting. Our many years of practice and number of successes allow us to offer you the comprehensive CNC cutting services. The constantly growing number of satisfied customers and excellent implementation in proof of this. Our offer of CNC cutting is an excellent solution in the field of visual information, as well as the production of components and spare parts.

The highest quality of CNC cutting services

At TechgrafQ, we focus on professionalism, precision and speed of CNC cutting service. We have the most modern equipment that allows us to perform every task precisely. We perform CNC cutting in a wide range of materials, from wood, plastics to metals or stone. TechgrafQ is the answer to all your needs in the field of CNC cutting

CNC cutting – implementation of projects

To meet your expectations, we would like to offer a wide range of services in the field of cutting and milling. These services include CNC cutting, which we prepare on the basis of projects and materials presented to us by customers. We are aware of the importance of proper communication between the client and the contractor in this case, hence we always perform CNC cutting in consultation with clients, taking into account all their wishes and comments. What’s more, in the course of implementing individual projects, we offer help and advice – all out concern for the success of the future venture

Wycinanie CNC

CNC cutting – high quality services

The automation of the production process and use of the modern technologies allows us to prepare the highest quality products regardless of their complexity. Due to the fact that we have a wide fleet of machines, we are able to implement various projects according to your tastes and preferences. Therefore, nothing prevents you – in accordance with your order – to make patterns of even very large dimensions. Importantly, using CNC cutting, we have the ability to prepare a whole series of identical elements with a high level of precision. The repeatability obtained in this way determines the attractiveness of the offer.

CNC cutting – for whom?

Our offer is directed to enterprises interested in cooperation in the production of large components in CNC technology. Prepared products can be successfully used by furniture manufacturers as well as interior decorators and designers TechgrafQ’s offer is so rich and varied that every customer will find something interesting in it. Importantly regardless of the industry for which the project is carried out, we guarantee the highest quality of services and professionalism in carrying out each order. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

CNC cutting – many years of experience

We have many years of experience in the field of CNC machining, which has allowed us – over the years – to carry out orders for various clients from many industries, such as furniture and design. Some of them – presented in the form of photos and videos – can be found on our website. In addition by visiting our site, you have the opportunity to become familiar with the detail of our offer – including the description individual services. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us – by phone or email. We are at your service.