Creating CNC prototypes

TechgrafQ has the most modern machining equipment as well as specialized CAD/CAM software, thanks to which our specialists are able to design and manufacture prototypes of any part or product. Advanced technology combined with huge practical knowledge and an individual approach to each project allows us to offer you the production of prototypes, parts, components or new products.

Creating CNC prototypes

The production of prototypes in TechgrafQ is based on the processing of materials in accordance with the client’s design or materials, using the latest hardware and software. We offer you the production of components and individual elements of the final product. The prototypes can then be used to carry out technical tests and tests. They are used in trade fair presentations, can be used as ready spare parts, and even thanks to the unusual precision of performance, they can be part of the final product. Trust the specialists from TechgrafQ and entrust us with the implementation of your innovative products.

Creating CNC prototypes

CNC prototypes – high quality services

At TechgrafQ we prepare high-quality CNC prototypes based on 3D models or technical documentation. The prototypes made allow for further research related to the technical optimization of the invented product and – in the long run – bring us closer to its final preparation. We have many years of experience in the field of CNC machining, which is why we guarantee that the projects prepared by us will meet your highest expectations.

CNC prototypes – wide application

The purpose of making prototypes is to eliminate the risks associated with production. The initial assumptions that we make when deciding to manufacture a given final device are verified using the prepared prototype. If the created prototypes do not fulfil the said assumptions, we improve them until we obtain a satisfactory effect. In this way we avoid the costs that we would incur if our venture fails. No wonder then that a carefully made prototype has a significant impact on the subsequent success of planed production. To meet your expectations, we perform, among others final demonstration prototypes that will become your company’s showcase. Thanks to them, you will be able to present your own ideas to clients and thus gain their favour – necessary for production on a larger scale.

CNC prototypes – many years of experience

We have many years of experience in the field of CNC machining which has allowed us – over the years – to implement many projects. Some of them can be found on our website. In addition, by visiting our site , you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer – including the description of individual services. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us – by phone or email. We are at your disposal.