Cutting boards

TechgrafQ offers a wide range of machining services
As part of our services we offer you:

  • Cutting of Alucobond panels, i.e. any formation of composite panels,

  • Cutting of the furniture boards – any molding of wooden or wood-like materials.

Alucobond panel cutting services are a perfect solution both for panels used outdoors and indoors. Thanks to the possibility of giving any shape to the plate, we get a product with an even wider than traditional use.

cutting boards

Cutting of furniture boards for carpentry

The service of cutting furniture boards is directed to carpentry workshops and furniture manufacturers. The precise cutting of furniture boards allows for perfect matching of furniture elements to the requirements of each client.

Experience in cutting board

We are approached by furniture production plants which naturally care about maintaining a sufficiently large scale of their activity. We are able to process even a large number of boards according to any pattern, while maintaining excellent repeatability and accuracy. The construction industry eagerly uses our potential, as we have already mentioned. Our services arouse great interest among companies dealing in the implementation of facades on single – family buildings and other facilities. Composite materials are widely used for these purposes, so cutting of Alucobond boards is essential. Such material is very “flexible”, so you can get relevant results based on it. However it cannot be used correctly if it has not been previously processed according to the specified parameters. In this respect, TechgrafQ is able to prepare a set of elements that will fully meet the expectations of the facade’s architectural design. Ready elements made of panels can be easily installed on the front part of buildings, changing their aesthetic character. We are proud that we have contributed to dozens of such projects in various parts of the country