Milling plastics

Visual techniques are among the most commonly used in marketing and advertising campaigns. Our sight is most susceptible to various suggestions, which is why it is the easiest way to reach the customer through this channel. Many companies decide on advertising that involves milling plastics. It is about various installations, banners or other types of visual information system. TechgrafQ provides high quality milling services that are available at very affordable prices. Having experience in carrying out many projects, we will certainly offer you satisfactory solutions. The company’s offer also includes dibond milling – for a composite board, which is ideally suited as a material to create the advertisement or sign we designed. If you are looking for someone who will undertake the implementation of elements or the whole of our marketing campaign – it is worth turning to TechgrafQ.


TechgrafQ invites you to take advantage of the offer of plastic milling. In our offer you will find plastic milling made in Poznan in various materials and on many planes. TechgrafQ services provide the possibility of fast, precise and cheap milling of dibond – an aluminium composite plate, perfect as material for all kinds of advertising or visual information systems. The plastic milling services we provide in Poznan are addressed to customers all over the country. We guarantee low prices and fast delivery times.


We invite you to contact our company thanks to which you will be able to see our entire offer. Milling plastics for advertising, commercial or private purposes is not everything we have to offer – we also offer the creation of professional theatrical scenery. We manufacture stage elements, theatre decorations and architectural objects. Our precise milling and engraving services mean that the ordered scenery can be made by us with even the smallest details.

milling strills

We are not afraid of unusual elements and innovative solutions – we will do our best to complete the project in the best possible way. In addition to modern technology, we also offer advice and assistance in matters related to, for example, choosing the right material. We care for our customers and we make sure that the entire project process is carried out in a friendly atmosphere and takes into account the comments that arise on a regular basis. TechgrafQ is the right place if you want to outsource plastic milling. Poznan is the city in which our headquarters is located, but the area of our activities covers the whole of Poland.

Dibond milling for advertising

Very often it is milling and engraving services that contribute to the most creative advertisements or visual information systems. They offer extraordinary plasticity and very important, especially nowadays three-dimensionality. It is thanks to this that projects implemented through Dibond milling are so popular in the marketing industry. Our company TechgrafQ specializes in making milling and engraving materials such as wood aluminium and plastics. We are open to your projects, but we also offer the opportunity to work together on a concept during which we share experience and knowledge gained in this field. We are the right place to carry out orders involving plastic milling. In Poznan, you can use our services, although we also invite people from other cities to cooperate with us.


The professionalism characterizing our plastic milling services and vast experience in the field of visual advertising allows us to offer you the best solutions and support at every stage of cooperation. We will prepare for you a professional CAD project with visualization and we will carry our even the most difficult Dibond milling project. We invite you to use our services.