Our offer

Many years of experience in the production of visual information systems has resulted in the extension of the range of services to comprehensive implementation of orders in the field of creating shapes and solids from almost all materials available on the market. Our speciality is CNC milling of various materials – wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals and many others. In addition to standard 2D surface treatment, we also offer 3D milling and carving.

  • 2D milling is the processing of material at a specific depth in one XY plane. Depending on the client’s needs, we obtain the highest quality of workmanship and various effects by choosing the right cutters.
  • 3D milling is even more precision because matching takes place in three XYZ planes. This creates the most complex elements.
  • Carving is the most durable way to apply desired patterns and inscriptions to the surface of a specific material.
  • CNC processing enables the production of large series of elements while maintaining precision and repeatability in the best quality as well as the relatively low cost of individual parts and prototypes.

The advanced technological capabilities of the machine allow us to carry out the most complex orders on almost all materials, thus responding to the needs of many industries.

Production for advertising and home

We invite interior decorators, designers and architects to cooperate. Representatives of the event trade and exhibition industry, for whom we will make advertising furniture, stands, personalized decorative elements of interior furnishings, stands and other unusual products.
For the advertising industry, we offer the production of the signboards, coffer plates, nameplates, spatial letters and other elements such as medals, bas-reliefs and templates.
We are also ready to cooperate in the production of stage components, theatre decorations and architectural objects dedicated to efficient assembly and disassembly.

Production for industry needs

We invite carpenters and furniture manufacturers to order, we offer production of decorative elements for furniture, fronts, ornaments, stylized frames for upholstered furniture We cut furniture boards and other services related to the processing of wood and wood-based materials.
We cooperate with production plants of many industries for which we make individual components used in their own production. We offer cooperation in the design and creation of new products. We make prototypes of elements as well as low and high volume works.

CAD / CAM planning

We use specialized software for design works. In the CAM process, we transform materials provided by the client for execution on a numerically controlled machine. We also offer preparation of a CAD project with 3D visualization based on technical drawing, sketch, cdr file.