Wood and MDF milling

TechgrafQ offers you the highest quality wood milling service – a method of producing visual and advertising information elements that has been successfully used for years, as well as works well in the production of wooden elements or components for use in your production process. So if you are looking for MDF milling services in Poznan, TechgrafQ is the best choice. We offer professional wood milling, short deadlines, attractive prices and professional service. Wood milling takes place on the most modern CNC machine tool with a large working field, which allows us to perform virtually any order.

Wood milling

The highest quality MDF milling in Poznan – TechgrafQ

Looking for MDF milling services in Poznan, you can’t ignore TechgrafQ’s proposals. We are a company with many years of experience in the advertising, printing and production of visual information elements. Thanks to this we understand your needs and offer wood milling best suited to your expectations and needs.